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IP strategy & planning  

Patent, Utility Model, Design or Confidentiality?

Not every invention is a patent! Depending on the subject area, there are other forms of protection for your invention besides the classic invention patent. A utility model or a design patent (registered design) are options which, depending on the country and the content of the invention, may be good alternatives or supplements to the costly and lengthy patent procedure.

Starting with the confidentiality of a recipe via monitoring the state of the art and including the worldwide registration of a patent with subsequent enforcement with the help of preliminary injunctions and infringement actions there is a variety of possibilities to protect your own innovations effectively.

In addition to purpose-oriented approaches, aiming to achieve the best protection, understanding national legal systems are essential in choosing the optimal protection. For us, the consideration of all factors, including the future development of the company, is always essential.

Word Mark, Figurative Mark or Slogan? 

3D Trademark or Design?

Every successful trademark must be protected! Copies of successful products can hardly be avoided completely in today's globally interconnected world, but appropriate trademark protection is a good insurance and has many advantages.

Whether a trademark should be protected as a word mark, a figurative mark or even as a combined word/figurative mark depends on many factors. We consider all factors such as registrability, risk of opposition and willingness to enforce, taking into account geographical constraints, as well as production, distribution and market.

In some cases 3D trademarks, which can also be protected as designs patents (registered designs) depending on content and intention, offer the optimal protection for some new products.

For protecting a company name, building up a basic brand or consolidating the recognition value of a specific product, our innovative approach always provides an optimally tailored solution.

Intellectual Property is always a top priority!